the story of our journey

Pau Pak Ngah began its journey in 2004, at the time when the soft white bun with all the flavours (at that time) made by his wife and children in their cozy home. Made daily, the pau were also sold on a daily basis in a roadside stall.

More than a decade along journey, Pak Ngah’s children Muhammad Afiq Roslan & Nur Afifah Roslan are the second generation into the family-run business continuing their father’s idea. By giving a new breath and insight, Pau Pak Ngah rose to another level with all of the unique & exclusive flavours that they have introduced.

Rebranded in 2018, Afiq & Afifah have modernized the concept of Pau to suit the era of globalization. Nevertheless, the traditional methods to ensure the quality and taste of the pau are still inert in their methods.

100% handmade, and steamed using the traditional bamboo steamer, pau made by Pau Pak Ngah are of the highest quality. With a fluffy bun, and packed with fillings, it is an ideal combination made to perfection.

With a variety of flavours to choose from throughout the whole year such as Kaya, Red Bean, and Coconut, Pau Pak Ngah raises the game with our collection of premium flavor pau such as Mushroom Chicken Carbonara, Cheesy Beef Bolognese and Rendang Daging.

One of our main aim is to focus in long R & D to ensure the Pau Pak Ngah brand remains relevant in the market trends today. We have successfully attracted the interest and focus of street vendor food lovers by innovating the exquisite taste of pau. A lot of our Limited Time Offers such as the ‘Golden Salted Egg, the ‘Sambal Bilis’ and the ‘Pop Unicorn’ have proven to be well received and loved by many.

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Made with love, each piece of pau carries a different story. With every bite you will feel the rich and savoury taste of our filling the sensation in your mouths.